Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's going on

Current activites are :
  • Kick of for development program for "Enablers of mobile rich media publishing and rich media services" (April 2'nd)
  • Establishment of general specifications for intelligent buildings using a new IT-Forebu building as an exsample (April 1'st)
  • Planning of Open Space meeting for Mobile business development day (Board meeting April 23)
  • Planning of Open Nordic Mobile Software and ATC conferences
  • Follow up of meeting with main players (Statoil, Telenor R&I, Telenor Iris, WTEK, Sonitor, Blaze, Radionor) within Oil & Gas wireless positioning services (date to be announced)

  • Follow up of the Wireless Patient project
  • Follow up of Integerated Operations project
  • May ETC contribute with technology and know how to a container tracking system
  • Getting the Intelligent building activities of the Agder companies coordinated with whats going on in the rest of country (Eliaden, IT-Fornebu, Follow up March 12 meeting)
  • Clarification of cooperation with Veivesenet and ITS Norway on ITS

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Welcome to the Blog of the Wirless Future Network in Norway. This Blog reports and reflects on our efforts to enhance the competitive power of the almost 200 wireless technology enterprises of the network.