Thursday, December 11, 2008

More projects starting up in the Agder region

Together with the VRI project more pre-projects related to wireless technology are in the startup phase. The topics covered in the projects are Condition Based Maintainence (CBM) using sensor networks, using medtech equipment/sensors with wlan infrastructures in hospitals and mesh networking in a hybrid radio/optical network. More information will be published as the projects evolve. All three projects involves companies from Agder and researchers from University of Agder.

Industrial Wireless Security Workshop in Kristiansand

During the NIK/NISK conference in Kristiansand in november we had a workshop on industrial wireless security. The program was as follows:
  • Wlan SIM kort (Poul Heegaard, Telenor R&I)
  • Sikker Autentisering, NFC og BankID (Petter Taugbøl, enCap)
  • Common Evalualtion Criteria (Jens Helge Rypestøl, Applica Consulting)
  • [hiddn] Opportunities (Adnan Visic, High Density Devices)
  • Future SIM mulighetsstudie (Asle Pedersen, Trådløs Framtid
Although, unfortunately, we had rather few participants (approx. 10), those who were present expressed that it was both interesting and useful. During the workshop some of the companies found matching interests businesswise. We also identified some interesting new research topics, such as how to obtain integrity/security when running multiple applications on a sim-card.