Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Open Nordic Mobile

June 19 - 20 Wireless future in cooperation with Trolltech and Telenor arranged the Open Nordic Mobile conference as one of several legs of the Open Nordic conference in Skien.

The program of the Open Nordic Mobile leg was well balanced covering both status and future development within Open Source SW and HW. Mikko Terho from Nokia and Terrence Barr from SUN where main attractions in program for the Mobile leg.

The quality of the presentations was generally excellent, creating a work shop atmosphere with rewarding discussions. Nokia/Trolltech and SUN represents different types of software development philosophies, partly competing and partly completing each other. With Nokia from now on standardizing on Trolltech QT it will indeed be interesting to follow how this will effect future mobile SW development.

Although we were quite satisfied with the content of the conference, we were not satisfied having only 30-40 participants in average listening to the presentations. Also the other legs of the Open Nordic had fewer visitors than expected although an excellent program. We thus believe that having a Nordic conference on the Midsummer Evening is not a good idea.

The collaboration with EZ/Open Nordic worked out well, despite that small but important things went wrong. F.ex. the link to the presentation of mobile leg only worked now and then, the mobile leg and our sponsors did not get the attention we expected.

In summary though we are happy with the results, but if we do it again we will do it another way.

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