Thursday, August 7, 2008

Future SIM workshop in cooperation with ATC

In collaboration with Unik and Movation Wirless future arranged a workshop during the ATC conference June 23 - 25 focusing on "The Role of the SIM in a World of Personalized Services and Connected Objects".

New SIM card technology may lead to a paradigm shift in architecture, functionality, and services of future communication devices. In the workshop new technologies that just have become available was presented by two of the leading players in the world. There where many interesting discussions during the workshop, and as a consequence of the workshop two large enterprises entered into collaboration for a trial project. Also Wireless future has started a project in Southern Norway to further explore the opportunities of the new technology.
In view of the importance of this development for the wireless industry I had whished to see every member in our network in the workshop. That did not happen, though the few but most important players where all there. We just have to accept that most of the members in our network are small companies beeing focused on mastering their daily challanges which gives them very little time for considering new opportunities or threats.

Here you may find links to the presentations.

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