Thursday, September 18, 2008

Collaboration with the VRI (Agder) projects - Future SIM - Wireless Instrumentation - Mesh networking

In Agder Wireless future is collaborating with VRI-Agder in three projects.

A feasibility study to outline the possibilities in future SIM card technology and architecture is co-financed with VRI-Agder. The partners in the VRI project are Devoteam Telecom, Applica Consulting and University of Agder, however both Telenor R&I and UNIK are contributing to the project. Results of the project will be made available to the participants in the network, probably in a work shop to define further activities in Wireless future related to Future SIM.

The Research Council of Norway encourage collaboration between Arena projects and the VRI project. The collaboration was quite obvious in this case because the project management of Wireless Future (Agder node) and the ICT part of VRI Agder both sits at Coventure AS (formerly Sørlandets Teknologisenter AS).

Other VRI projects in the Agder region are also related to wireless technology such as a project involving Scanmatic, Origo Engineering/Origo Mobikom, University of Agder and Devoteam Telecom which is looking into ad-hoc wireless industrial instrumentation. Another project have been looking into Mesh networking and Wimax test/live-lab facilities involving in particular NextNet, University of Agder and Devoteam Telecom.

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